Headed to Ushuaia/Tierra del Fuego

Death Valley, Here I Come!

My escape from San Bernardino and the maniac Porsche driver found me going north on Hwy 395. There is really not too much to this road, but for me it was great being back in the desert after such a long time away.

I eventually came to road construction and had to wait about 20 minutes. I was only a few spots from the front, and when they let us go I made short work of those guys and had the road all to myself. I fly by the SR-190 turn off to Death Valley and I start thinking that, yeah, it's going to be hot, but Death Valley is one of my most favorite places. Screw it, I'm turning around and going for it.
As I head east on SR-190, the clouds are getting thicker, the temperature is getting cooler, and the wind is really starting to pick up. Awesome, let's have some adventure in the weather!

Wow, 67 F in Death Valley in June!

The wind is ferocious! At one time I had the wind to my back and I modified my speed until I was in still air. 60MPH! The trusty F800GS didn't care though. It is the most impervious-to-crosswinds and gusts motorcycle I've ever ridden.

I got to Scotty's Castle at about 6:00 PM and they were already closed. No biggie as I've taken the tour before. It's a great tour and if you're ever near here, it's worth the trip.

The wind was howling and the rain was starting to come down. While I had the bike parked in front of the sign, I was really worried about it being blown over. Time to hit the road for Nevada!